Monday, December 8, 2008

Pains I See

I got violent emotions everytime i see,hear,read or feel a kid is being abused and all that is cause of what i went through in my childhood.i have just read Ryan's post and i almost banged the computer screen(yeah i mean it),but im someone who has leant how to deal with anger.


If a child in the streets does anything bad,does that mean we have to treat him like a little devil?And cops(whoever trains them) will never be human to children living in the streets whether we in mali,India,mexico or S.A.its so horrible that kids go through all this and the perpetrators being the supposed protectors after all.its our attitude towards the kids which makes them behave the way they do sometimes!!If we show them love,will they be rude to us?

i was once stoned by a guy who was in company of two nice ladies and they all atarted giggling,that was 1994 whilst i was living in the streets.Upto this day,i still wonder what made the guy do what he did.funnily i went to hospital and they told me they would not assist me without a police report first.i knew what awaited me at the police and at the end,i had to let the wound heal on its own.ant it was on my head!

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Colleen said...

Wow your sharing here really gripped me I feel your heart. Kids deserve LOVE YES and care and Help when needed!!! everyone does including you!
Breaks my heart