Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 8: 2 December - One Man's Rubbish is Another Man's Treasure

One man's half finished, cooled off latte is another man's ice coffee!


wanga said...

Indeed! I am glad to see you're still standing strong Hero, i've told everyone i've met here about what you're doing -remember i am at the dept of social policy and social work! anyway some have expressed keen interest especially one guy who has worked with kids that live on the street and or are displaced by war and conflict in war torn areas. anyway i have promised to send them your blog address so they can follow you these next few days. I am so proud to know someone like you!

rbecca said...

wow, Ryan, I am really moved by the experiences you've shared. Isn't it hard to not be discouraged by all the things you see? I guess that's where your faith, stamina, and desire for change come into play.

RAAAGER said...


Thank you for sharing your experiences with us through this blog. Kuddos to you for all you are doing to bring awareness to this problem. You have touched on so many gems that we can all learn from.
The only word I can thing of when reading each entry is WOW!

Grant Hinds said...

Lol! Awesome! :)