Sunday, December 7, 2008

One million Starfish at a TIME

Years ago, about eight, I expressed to Ryan, before he became "BROWN", my concern that his focus upon helping one child at a time ignored the systemic disaster. BROWN replied with a metaphor about the hundreds of thousands of starfish stranded upon the sands of his beach as far as the could see. He saw one starfish that showed some small signs of life. He picked it up and threw it back into the sea. A few steps further and the same play unfolded with another starfish being thrown back into the sea. Now Papa, tell those two starfish that since I was not focused on the entire system, my actions did not matter. Touche'!!

Change happens. Person's abilities shift and change. Ryan, your written articulations in this BLOG demonstrates a gift for composition and clear easy expression which will be your tool with which to forcefully correct the systemic problems that you so passionately describe. You will MATTER to the whole system while continuing to show your love for the individual.


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Brown said...

thanks for that Papa!! and thank YOU for instilling a sense of adventure, love for travel, and a love for people from such young age and through out my life! i love you and grandmom so much!!