Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 19: 13 December - Let the Pictures Paint the Words

I don't have much to say today. It was Kleintjie's birthday so i went to town to take him a birthday cake. I wonder how many birthdays he will spend on the streets. Through the years i have seen many of these children grow up right before my eyes...on the streets. Jerome is one of those kids. I saw this picture that Tina, a friend of mine, took of me and Jerome (during my 16 days on the streets), and i remembered a picture that i had of him from when i first moved here. If we do not stop children from running to the streets we will continue to see them grow up there. I will stop talking here and let the pictures speak on...

Jerome - October 2000

Jerome - December 2008

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Beth said...

That picture of "young" Jerome has always been one of my very favorites. He looks so hopeful...expectant....loving...andhe looks like he is just waiting for someone to tell him what's next. Unfortunately, no one did so the streets sucked him up.