Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dankie Ryan


A big dankie from me and all the boys at The Homestead. Although its sometimes believed that children make the choice to live on the streets there are many out there who want to come off but cant because they are trapped in a self destructive cycle which society cannot get them out of unless they commit a crime (how ironic).... although allowing them to be on the streets is a crime in itself. Anyways you have made a big push toward helping the bonanis and we salute you man. One of the things that is remarkable when reading you thoughts is the importance of strengthening the sense of belonging within any family....because as you said that if they not going to get it at home they will try and find it somewhere else.So apart from creating awareness about the crime of allowing kids to live on the street you also highlighted the importance and the responsibility we have within our own family as charity begins at home. I spoke to one of the boys the other day who had lost both his parents living on the streets. I asked him about his mother and the relationship they shared, he went on to tell me how that she drank most of the time but above all that he said that he knew that she cared because 'sy het my dan skoene gekoep' (she even bought me shoes) So if this simple thing meant so much to a little boy lets not neglect the lesson about our responsibilty to care in the simple ways.

Ryan keep pressing and you are a hero amongst the boys at the shelter.

Thanks man.

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Brown said...

thanks for that Gerald! I continue to be humbled by you and the work you are doing!! i have seen SOOOO much positive change come through you! its an honour to know you!