Thursday, December 4, 2008

- On hope and Hopeful Situations -

"There is a place called Hope.
Most of the times, this place is hidden because of our societal issues.
It is a sentiment that etches away in our present world.

It is most times forgotten because every one of us has a personal crisis at some point in time in our lives.

Nevertheless, hope is there – somewhere, clutched inside the ever-fixed gaze of grace.
Hope is the answer for the oppressed, the last grain of tangible freedom.
Oppression whether physical or emotional, we must search for hope for it is in this that we find it ready to tackle our every plea.
It is hard to believe that hope is ready to meet us in whatever circumstance we may find ourselves in - but it does.
We can ask what a hope is for someone - what will be good news to him or her?
What causes someone to even think about the possibility of hope? I know this; many people need to hear the story of hope.
I need to hear and remind myself constantly about its surety.

The kind of hope that I write about bears a much deeper message - one of love and acceptance; a life of freedom.

Freedom - doesn’t that sound amazing - being freed from any kind of oppression, things that constrict you, bog you down.

Surely, if one is really searching for it - calling at its name - hope will beckon.

It is here where I find the need to look elsewhere - perhaps beyond ourselves to clutch at hopes hand for sure."


I try not to ask very deep and profound questions as to why the world is failing and people suffer because of bad choices (both theirs and others).
What is 'HOPE' in a world where people have lost all hope and found a 'hopeful situation' in something else?
Does that 'hopeful situation' really count as the 'hope' that we ought to be looking for?
If a person trusted someone once before, but was let down several times - what has trust become then? If a child once believed in sacrificial love, but lost his innocence in pursuit of it - what is love to them?
What is hope - what is a hopeful situation? If we figure this out - do you think it will cause us to 'act' - do something to change the way things are?

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Brown said...

That's a great quote Sipho!! and great questions! I know that hope is probably the most important thing in my life!!! that is why i have it tattooed on my body in three different places, in three different languages! I have the hebrew form of the word on my lower back and it literally means: shelter, strong tower, rear guard, along with other things. Hope is definitely shelter to those that are hopeless and have nowhere to go!