Saturday, November 22, 2008

My reflections

On 6 November i turned 26 and as i looked back i saw episodes of my life unfolding.I was in tears and smiles and as i went to sleep i realised that i may noe be an achiever but a believer!25 feb 2000,i became a victim of Cyclone Eline,i was travelling in a full chicken bus from school,visiting my blood parents only to be a survivor in a bus accident that killed 34 people.amazingly i was the first survivor!The bus got swept from a bridge right into a flloded river,and we were swept for 15 mitres whilst still inside the bus,with water already filling in!!I lost a close friend and classmate in the accident as well as my school bag(i was always reading!).13 May 1995,i went to look for a place at school on my own and the heard master gave me the benefit of doubt and i was in,without any documantation,after five years in the streets!!!!!2002 i became so depressed i did not have any reason to be living,i thiught the world did not care about me,but then i had a question!Why did God put me through grave situations only take me out?i was reading a lot of magazines and world journals and i hated school like nobody's business.And i had intense hatred for a Maths teacher who had mocked me in front of the whole class for having GOOD Passes!!I really wanted to harm her,but for what and what would i benefit.i was reading about people cutting themselves to let out pain,peole hanging themselves for failing to handle their troubles and i almost gave up the will to live but i always asked myself:WHO WOULD I GIVE THE GIFT GOD GAVE ME?I would look around and see people struggling with simple things,i would even ask myself if my mother knew about Breast Cancer,if the society knew about depression.i never went for counselling not because i didnt want but i had no access to a counsellor and at the end i had to devise a survival plan,when ever i was down i had to escape into the fictional world and start writing what i wanted to write and each peace of work i wrote became a puillar of strenght.i would ask myself,tendai if you die who will take care of your writings,are you gonna pass over the talent?Are you gonna provide angels to calm those you will heartbreak?i kept on asking myself questions that killed the stupid suicide thoughts.I had seen and lived a life i would share with the world,i also saw my potential to help change someone's life and with that why would i give up.i remember the days we would sneak into a disused Air Zimbabwe plane,which is now a hotel along Bulawayo Rd and i would play the pilot.There was an armed security guard but we were proving too smart for him!!!!!!!!!!We sometimes slept inside the plane!I also used to tell my friends(classmates) that if they found me noisy i would be trying to forget my and i was a real nuisence luckily i was sharp in class.They made me a headboy in high school and when alone i would say,"so i can Lead?" and then there came anything that needed brains i was at the fore front,and i would laugh and say,"do these people know where i come from?"Being a streetkid taught me a lot and today as i write,i maybe becoming a TV presenter dealing with street issues!Souldier!!!!!!!!!!


Brown said...

wow man! you have been through alot and are a true survivor! great post!

Beth said...

What an inspiration! Your type of success is what Ryan (Brown) dreams of for all street children. He's lucky to have you on his team!
(Brown's mom)