Wednesday, November 26, 2008

life on the streeets

My brother tells me life on the streets is hard. I help with it. I raise money for my brother Ryan and when he comes home we get things for the kids he works with. Like last time when he came we got some pajamas for three of the kids he works with. They wear them day and night. I put $1 every week from my allowance in a drawer and I hardly ever get to see Ryan so when he comes home, it's a lot of money! They're not reallly street children, they're just kids that live on the street. I want other people to find out about their lives. People haven't even taken the time to find out about them. People should try to understand the children. Ryan's living on the street to get people to notice him so he can tell them. That's what he says in all his songs at least. I love Ryan. He's my older brother that loves me even though he's far, far away. Be careful Ryan! Watch out for the rats!!

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Steve Hayes said...

Perhaps when you've finsihed you will be in a better position to comment on this than anyone else who has commented so far.