Friday, November 14, 2008

I Double Dog Dare you

Why now? Why just in November and December? All of a sudden, everyone is looking for a cause....a family to buy presents for, an organization that sends presents to children in impoverished parts of the world, a nursing home where they can sing carols. I know these are all great things to do, but why only now? I've often thought this to myself, but when Ryan began his 365 of activism, it hit me again. During the holiday season, everyone will feel goodwill and pour out their hearts and pockets to help others. But, in January, suddenly these same people will go back to their lives as usual until next November. What kind of an impact could we have if we tried to carry our holiday spirit throughout the year? Imagine how our hearts would warm and the recipients of all of that goodwill would thrive! What if we found a family in April and bought Easter outfits for the children? What if we invited a lonely family over for a 4th of July celebration? What if in the middle of May we just chose someone who looked like they needed a smile and did just that...smiled at them like we knew them even if we didn't? What would happen if you decided to let everyone who is trying to get into your lane of traffic do just that during the month of June? What about paying for the food of the person behind you in the fastfood line in September? March seems like a great time to go to a nursing home and have a sing-a-long of some old favorites. What a concept! : ) So that's my holiday crusade.....I want everyone to carry the holiday spirit in their hearts throughout the year. Be a rebel. Do something radical. Be kind and care with a purpose all year!! You'll be happpier and healthier for your efforts and the world will be a better place because you tried to make a difference. I double dog dare you!

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Brown said...

i could never pass up a good dare!! ;)