Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Get Real or Die trying

It seemed some people were happy to see me in the streets.There were times when i tried to go back home before it was too late but it was tough.i remember kids my age being told not to play with me.We didnt have a tv or radio and when i wanted to watch a Thursday evening Music programme and the guys would flight Oliver Mutukudzi's song,Streetkid.Hey that was torture i will never like that song.I was like an outcast,those were the day when a song called Runaway To Save Ur Life was a hit.In the streets i was seeing Newspaper headlines of violence that was rocking KZN.I had this determination to shine.I used to train karate with a guy called Lawrence who used to come to the park.He taught me to focus,respect and endure.Believe me not i went to look for a grade 5 place by myself.Dirty as i was with no transfer letter or birth certificate.But the school head gave me a place.Two days into class,the ugly head of bulling stuck me.

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