Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why Not us?

I have just watched Barack Obama get inaugurated. He makes people excited to help.  Why don't we all just find something else to do good instead of thinking about the bad?  You don't have to be a big famous person or even a adult to do something great. People are mistreated on the streets like Ryan helps. We can all help them.  People have diseases like diabetes like I help. We can all help them.  Children could give toys to an orphanage. We can all help them. You can even just do kind good deeds for your neighbors. We can ALL help them. What are we all using our bodies for? Why aren't we using it for the good? President Obama sees what I am talking about! Now let's all join together throughout the world to help the ones that need us the most and to be the person that we want to . Now let's be the people that know what to do !

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John said...

Nice Eli... Yes we can!!