Monday, January 5, 2009

my love for kids go beyond the streets

This boy is the image of me when i was in the streets,my first year and in him i see a great person his name is innocent and his mother is doing time in Pollsmoor.i last saw him on Christmas Eve only to see him still smiling and as witty as ever in a brand new year like this!wow he is just an amzing little boy who plays chess and can do nice photography work.

If we can allow a kid this age to be in the streets,how do we feel when we eat,when we sleep ,when we go out for fun?

I am still getting to know the boy better but i promise you i would like to make sure that this little angel gets a good life and live a normal life as much as he can.In him there is innocents,there is wonder,there is joy ,no pain like what i feel for i have been there and i wont,in my life time ,let a kid be in the streets.

its good that i have moved to Cape town and i will be able to work with everyone on this blog as much as we can to see to it that we care,we wanna see the kids living normal lives.

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